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Latest Topic: Conceptual Schemas

The central focus of MBR&D is not the mathematical equations but rather the conceptual synthesis process that integrates all available information and rational extrapolations to better understand drug pharmacology in the context of the disease process. The outcome of this synthesis process is a conceptual schema, a term borrowed from database design. The schema represents a series of assertions about the nature of the disease process and drug pharmacology. It describes the entities of significance to a research program, their characteristics or attributes, and the relationships between pairs of entities thought to be significant.



A Fresh Approach to "Clouded" Thinking

Latest Topic: Visualize in KIWI 1.5 - Available in November 2015

New Features in KIWI 1.5:

KIWI 1.5 continues to bring user experience to a new level through efficient, decisive model building and co-worker collaboration.


Visualize - Visualize diagnostic plots and parameters for all candidate models in one view 

Formats / Labels - Fully customized formatting and labeling within KIWI

Cross Project and Co-Worker Graphical Profiles - Share your share suite of customized diagnostic plots with your co-worker or use them on your next project


Graph Library and Standards

Speed the build and ensure the quality of analysis-ready data sets.....

Cognigen has developed an extensive graph library with set standards that allows us to quickly generate pictures of data pooled from multiple studies. The graph library generates: 

  • Diagnostics that can be used as part of quality control efforts,
  • Informative guides to direct model building efforts, and
  • Graphical displays of hard-won insights to tell the story of  your analyses to R&D teams. 

At Cognigen we have developed a suite of processes, requirement standards, templates, macros, and technologies that allow our modelers to be able to spend the time thinking about your data by looking at the exploratory graphical analyses with your extended team.  Through this process we understand what the impact on the model will be and what it means to your develpment program.  With this knowledge and insight, our modelers then are able to systematically approach model building to acheive the best predictions possible for the your critical decision making milestones.  Join us to actively discuss your project, as Data Loves Discussion!  

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Better understand the PBPK behind your compounds.

Cognigen teams up with Simulations Plus to offer physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling and simulation consulting services using GastroPlusTM—the pharmaceutical industry’s most sophisticated platform for the prediction of drug absorption and disposition in human and animal species.  We can work with you to:

  • Identify mechanistic explanations for unexplained variances in absorption characteristics and bioavailability results and use that information to guide population PK and PD modeling and simulation efforts
  • Predict drug behavior in pediatric patient populations and perform clinical trial simulations to ensure patient safety and optimize efficacy outcomes in clinical trials while minimizing number of subjects needed.
  • Perform PBPK modeling of preclinical data to define dosing strategies for First in Human (FIH) studies

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