October 5, 2014

Grazyna Fraczkiewicz and Genetech Colleagues Win 2014 ACoP Quality Award!

The abstract entitled ‘Where top down meets bottom up: Combined population PK (PopPK) and PBPK approaches to evaluate the impact of food and gastric pH on the pharmacokinetics of GDC-094n’ was 1 of 3 posters awarded the ISoP ( International Society of Pharmacometrics) Quality Award out of 217 abstracts.

As an emerging quantitative science, pharmacometrics spans the spectrum from basic research into disease and mechanisms of drug action to the rational use of medicines in patient care.  The ISoP Quality Award has been established to recognize and promote advancement in the area of quantitative modeling and simulation. The criteria of the award included:

  • Originality in approaches towards quantitative, model-based integration of biomedical, statistical concepts and multisource data
  • Examples demonstrating the impact of pharmacometric analysis in the research, development, approval and utilization of medicines are highly encouraged.
  • Innovative methods in pharmacometric data analysis

The authors include:  Tong Lu1, Grazyna Fraczkiewicz4, Laurent Salphati2, Nageshwar Budha1, Gena Dalziel3, Gillian Smelick1, John D. Davis1, Mark Dresser1, Joseph A Ware1, and Jin Jin1.

1. Clinical Pharmacology, Genentech, South San Francisco, CA, USA; 2.Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, Genentech, S. San Francisco, CA, USA; 3. Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Sciences, Genentech, S. San Francisco, CA, USA; 4. Simulations Plus, Inc. Lancaster, CA, USA


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Grazyna Fraczkiewicz and Genetech Colleagues Win 2014 ACoP Quality Award!

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