Better Stories to Tell Using Modeling and Simulation

Completing modeling and simulation activities for a development program is an important first step in addressing team questions. The critical next step is to synthesize the modeling results into a compelling story that can inform and guide decision-making. In 2014, Cognigen worked on more than 40 development programs, each with their own story. Cognigen’s experience and expertise can help you prepare for the highly visible stress-inducing presentations to senior management or regulatory agencies.

Telling better stories can take several forms: you might arrange the content so that it is more aligned with target audience needs, you might add informative graphics that make difficult concepts more accessible, or you might work to improve your presentation skills so that your presentations inspire confidence in the message you have to deliver.

Let Cognigen help you develop effective stories based on your work. We will review your results and discuss your goals for upcoming presentations. We will offer suggestions for content and the story narrative. We will work with you to prepare for those critical presentations that can improve your likelihood of success.  View our Population PK/PD and PBPK services.