A Fresh Approach to "Clouded" Thinking

Thanks for giving us at Cognigen the opportunity to introduce you to KIWI. We’re really pumped about the possibilities KIWI creates for pharmacometric modeling.

Managing the output from modeling projects and sharing those results with colleagues around the globe can be a challenge. KIWI was created as a cloud-based, validated platform to efficiently and consistently organize, process, and communicate pharmacometric results and the story in front of the pharmacometric analyses.

Our Cognigen teams systematically examined the requirements, constraints, and standard practice across pharmacometrics, data management, administrative support, and IT departments in order to build critical functionality in an elegant framework to support pharmacometric data and scientific workflows.

Intrigued? Keep in touch as we tell the story of KIWI in our blogs. To take a sneak peak at functionality, click here. Or if you want to jump right in for a demonstration or information about KIWI licensing, contact us at
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Visualize in KIWI 1.5 - Available Now!

New Features in KIWI 1.5:

KIWI 1.5 continues to bring user experience to a new level through efficient, decisive model building and co-worker collaboration.


Visualize - Visualize diagnostic plots and parameters for all candidate models in one view 

Formats / Labels - Fully customized formatting and labeling within KIWI

Cross Project and Co-Worker Graphical Profiles - Share your share suite of customized diagnostic plots with your co-worker or use them on your next project


Run Record for Model Development

The EMA and FDA recommend including a run record in your technical report to describe any major decisions and should include an overview of the steps taken during model development. KIWI 1.3, available in May 2015, will reduce the time taken to perform this task to just minutes. 


Rethinking Scientific Workflows

While we now have access to adequate computing power for most applications, we lack the tools required to properly manage the investigative process. We need the tools to organize the results of the numerous model configurations, sort through the results and compare alternative formations of the model in order to determine reasonable next steps and decide that a particular model or group of models is adequate for the task at hand. And this is where the idea of “workflow” comes to the forefront.


Progressive reporting and model-based drug development

KIWI has been specifically designed to recognize the dynamic nature of the model building effort in an ongoing drug development program. KIWI provides functionality to meet the scientists’ need for extensive documentation of the analysis pathway and collateral results, management’s need for summaries of modeling and simulation highlights, and regulatory agencies need for transparency and reproducibility.