Knocked My Socks Off.

Internet blogs, TV news, email blasts, and myriad other media—who has time? But every once in a while an idea pops out of the electronic fog, grabs you, and knocks your socks off. The people here at Cognigen find these ideas everywhere. So we started a blog to share cool ideas. Read it. Be amazed. Make comments. And send us ideas that knocked your socks off.

September 6, 2012

The problem with gaps.

In science, and in dealing with regulatory agencies, we don’t have the luxury of adopting a relativist position to advance a thesis.


March 30, 2012

MAA Found Math

Each week, the Mathematical Association of America website features a math-related photo.


February 28, 2012

The pluses and minuses of groupthink.

Most humans have two contradictory impulses: we love and need one another, yet we crave privacy and autonomy.


February 13, 2012

Thinking about thinking.

In a podcast called Thinking About Thinking, three eminent scientists discuss the ways humans think. All three have interesting and useful insights.


January 31, 2012

George Steiner, a certain idea of knowledge.

Is it possible to be literate if you do not understand non-linear equations?


January 16, 2012

The age of the smart machine.

Every great advance for Silicon Valley likely means a loss of low-skill jobs elsewhere in the economy, a trend that is unlikely to end anytime soon.


October 18, 2011

It’s not gloom and doom if it helps to frame the problem.

In a recent article, Peter Thiel does an excellent job of linking the need for advancements in technology and science with broader societal crises.


June 15, 2011

Optimism in a time of pessimism.

“I haven’t been killed by my foolishness yet, so let’s keep going, let’s take chances,” says Stewart Brand.


March 16, 2011

Astronomy picture of the day.

During the time that I was a clinical pharmacology fellow, I joked that a working session with Lewis Sheiner was like a trip to the outer reaches of the solar system.


March 1, 2011

Computers win on Oscar night.

Being partial to computer power here at Cognigen, we were amazed to learn that a Sun Grid Engine - the same software Cognigen uses on our very own NONMEM grid - was used to create the movie Avatar.


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