Knocked My Socks Off.

Internet blogs, TV news, email blasts, and myriad other media—who has time? But every once in a while an idea pops out of the electronic fog, grabs you, and knocks your socks off. The people here at Cognigen find these ideas everywhere. So we started a blog to share cool ideas. Read it. Be amazed. Make comments. And send us ideas that knocked your socks off.

April 14, 2009

Living Tongues

Languages are rich in the history and taxonomy of a place, reflecting subtleties that can be lost in translation, says Greg Anderson, an ethnographer who directs Oregon’s Living Tongues Institute. When the last keepers of a language die off, so does the fluent understanding of that particular environment.


March 24, 2009

How Jazz Hastened Civil Rights

As early as the 1920s, white and black jazz musicians played together in after-hours jam sessions. As jazz captured more and more avid listeners, white Americans started to understand the effect of segregation in all aspects of American culture.


March 2, 2009

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

In Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcasts, the past is twisted and turned upside down in novel and intriguing ways. Dan Carlin, a veteran journalist and radio talk show host, emphasizes the drama of past events and personalities to reveal why history matters today.


November 14, 2008

John Muir (1838 to 1914) and advice for surviving the Economic Crisis of 2008

John Muir was one of the first climbers to explore and climb many of the peaks in Yosemite Valley in California’s High Sierra. During his first ascent of Mount Ritter in 1872, he became gripped with fear.


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