January 10, 2016

Looking towards our future… our New look!






Introducing PKPlus:

the validation you require...

the value you deserve


The underlying mathematics behind noncompartmental (NCA) and compartmental PK models is relatively straightforward. Key requirements that must be met include: validation, automation and workflow.


Watch the brief trailer below for a preview of what's coming:



Simulations Plus



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Looking towards the future... to a time when:

  • in silico based predictions of compound properties in early discovery guide the selection and testing of lead compounds for every research program
  • insights gained from PBPK, systems pharmacology, and pharmacometric models eliminate experiments and studies and are proactively planned in all R&D programs
  • comprehensive disease-drug models are the basis for regulatory approval and effective personalized use of new medicines

A year ago, this view of the future motivated the acquisition of Cognigen Corporation by Simulations Plus. Our vision for the future brings with it a new look and feel to our corporate identity, unified under the Simulations Plus brand.



With this new identity and the significant scientific synergies between our East and West Coast offices, Simulations Plus will:

  • continue to create significant value through innovative and comprehensive solutions to R&D challenges; and
  • continue to be leaders in the field through our dedication to strategic, operational, and technical excellence

We are united in our passion to shape a more successful future of drug development through high quality software and science.

Contact us on how your organization can benefit from our enthusiasm and expertise.





January 4-8 - AIAA's SciTech 2016 in San Diego, CA. Simulations Plus will be presenting the following:


"Compressor Performance Modeling and Prognostics Using Artificial Neural Networks"


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Looking towards our future… our New look!

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