March 10, 2016

Visit us at the ASCPT Meeting in San Diego, CA

Visualize with KIWI 1.5!  

A story is always better told with pictures.  From picture books when we were children, to comic books as teens, to digital media, pictures make learning easier. The same can be said in drug development.  Every new compound should start with a conceptual schema that represents an interdisciplinary picture of what we know about the disease process and drug pharmacology and the new Visualize module in KIWI 1.5 brings a new level of insight into the models......
Visit the SimulationsPlus Booth at ASCPT in San Diego, CA or
Stop by at our


Visit Us at ASCPT

In Silico Prediction of Oral Bioavailability  - March 10, 2016, 5:30pm to 6:15pm PST; (PWIII-1)

SimulationsPlus scientists will present a poster describing their work in using ADMET PredictorTM and GastroPlusTM to predict bioavailability directly from the 2D structure of the molecule.



Stop by our booth at ASCPT to meet our expert consultants and see demonstrations of our software products, including KIWITM and PKPlusTM.


State-of-the-Art Data Requisition System

SimulationsPlus Enters into a Collaborative Partnership

The goal of the partnership is to build a comprehensive, easy to use requirements system allowing for efficient creation of pharmacometric analysis-ready data sets. The system is enhanced with relevant questions intended for use by scientists to think through their planned analyses and easily capture analysis-specific data set content, structure, and formatting needs. 


You have trusted us to build your pharmacometric analysis-ready datasetsnow join us to actively discuss your project, as  
Data Loves Discussion


Speed and agility is more important than ever as the demand for M&S increases

KIWI 1.5 allows you to easily select and compare parameters estimates and diagnostic plots across multiple candidate models in one view to make decisions quickly and confidently, and delivers high quality graphs to inform team decision making- all formatted, all validated! 


Contact SimulationsPlus for a KIWI demonstration and licensing information.



Why SimulationsPlus?

SimulationsPlus is a reliable and trusted partner for scientific and development teams who have come to recognize that modeling and simulation is not a commodity service. We help convert discovery to clinical teams into enthusiastic partners and curiosity seekers by helping to tell the compelling stories about the disease process and drug pharmacology through modeling and simulation results.


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Visit us at the ASCPT Meeting in San Diego, CA

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