July 13, 2010

World (Cup) Cultures

One of the true pleasures of my job is the opportunity to travel and meet people from all over the world. Different cultures presume different business and social behaviors, of course.* But I have found that in spite of the differences, there are at least two similarities among world cultures: a passion to cheer for your national team to win the World Cup and a nearly universal reviling of the vuvuzelas.

I was in Europe for the opening matches of this year’s World Cup. Although I had the misfortune of being in Germany when the French played their first game and being in France when the Germans played theirs, the cheers and jeers of the crowds at the pubs were just as loud in both countries.

Congratulations to Spain and to all of their maravilloso fans for their World Cup victory.

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*The World Business Culture website gives interesting food for thought about how different cultures value different behaviors. http://www.worldbusinessculture.com/



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World (Cup) Cultures

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