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One of the great things about what we do is that it involves many different people from many different backgrounds. Take a look at the variety of careers at Cognigen, and read up on what each position entails.

+ Pharmaceutical science careers

So you want to be a pharmaceutical scientist?

Pharmaceutical scientists focus on solving difficult scientific problems. They participate in complex pharmacometric modeling and simulation projects as well as projects using traditional non-compartmental analysis methodologies. They also work with clients regarding program development, regulatory issues, strategic planning, and effective implementation of pharmacometric analyses.

By joining our team, you’ll have a chance to make real contributions in drug development decision-making. You’ll gain and apply a wealth of experience in various modeling and simulation scenarios. In conjunction with our team of experts, you’ll advise and consult with clients regarding the strategic and effective implementation of pharmacometrics to solve interesting and challenging drug development problems. You’ll be part of a cross-functional team of people who excel in their areas of specialty, while working together for the betterment of humankind. Our scientific group holds regular roundtable discussions to share what we’ve learned, review relevant literature, discuss industry trends, consider process improvements, and help each other with scientific challenges.

Career paths within the pharmaceutical science group include:

  • PK/PD Scientist – Work closely with our clients to plan and implement pharmacometric analyses, while considering the strategic implications of modeling and simulation within our clients’ drug development programs. As a member of the scientific team at Cognigen, you will have the opportunity to bring your skills and talents to multiple projects for different clients in diverse therapeutic areas.
  • Clinical Pharmacologist – Integrate your knowledge of clinical pharmacology, therapeutics, and clinical pharmacokinetics into project design, analysis, and review. Integrate PK/PD results with clinical pharmacology and therapeutic area knowledge to synthesize findings and develop interpretations and recommendations for decision-making.
  • Statistician – Work closely with our clients to develop and implement statistical analyses and simulation plans, while considering the strategic implications of modeling and simulation to our clients’ drug development programs. Exploit your statistical knowledge and expertise in the performance of detailed exploratory data analyses, the development and evaluation of pharmaco-statistical models, and the development and execution of analysis and simulation plans.
  • Research Associate – Assist with analysis and research for client projects and for Cognigen research and development efforts. If you are a scientific professional who wants to learn more about a pharmacometrics career, starting your career as a research associate might be right for you.

+ Programming and data management careers

So you want a career in programming?

The programming support group collaborates with internal and external project teams to provide innovative and high-quality programming and analytical solutions using SAS® and S-PLUS®. They work closely with PK/PD scientists and statisticians to develop the analysis-ready datasets and exploratory and presentation-quality graphs needed for client projects. They also participate in technical roundtables to discuss industry trends, programming standards, and challenging informatics and programming issues.

Career paths within the programming group include:

  • Clinical Data Programmer – Use your skills in data processing and manipulation using SAS® and S-PLUS® to gain a thorough understanding of the data we model. Develop coding solutions for the creation of analysis-ready datasets and exploratory graphics for pharmacometric modeling. Apply advanced coding techniques to write complex macros that increase productivity and efficiency during dataset builds and graphing.
  • Data Librarian – Use your skills in the handling and transformation of data to assist project teams and interact with clients regarding the accurate planning, capture, transfer, and processing of clinical data.
  • Research Associate – Assist project teams in understanding data in order to solve difficult problems and conduct internal research and development efforts. If you are a scientific professional interested in learning more about the impact you can make through programming, starting your career as a research associate might be right for you.

+ Information technology careers

So you want a career in IT?

Cognigen has a state-of-the-art information center that includes both a Unix and PC environment, an enterprise Oracle system, and a grid engine servicing over 50 servers processing data. We pride ourselves on the redundant and backup systems in place to protect the integrity and security of our systems. Our systems are operational 99.9% of the time and security of the system is ensured. Our Information Technology department also developed PERSPECTIVE Hypertext Data Analysis Mapping software, which is a JAVA-based software program for documenting and presenting the results of analyses. Using this program, our scientists organize data, analysis results, graphical output, and text into a comprehensive electronic scientific workflow document for each project.

Career paths in the information technology category include:

  • Software Engineer – Build strong relationships with our scientific project teams in order to propose and deliver innovative technical solutions to enhance usability and functionality of existing and proposed systems and software applications.
  • Systems Administrator – Research, evaluate, and propose security solutions to ensure the performance and security of our infrastructure meets our high security standards. You will also identify and implement technical solutions to ensure that strategic needs of the project teams and company are met.
  • Systems Support Specialist – Provide technical support on hardware and software issues. You will plan, develop, and present training sessions to internal employees and, when appropriate, to clients.

+ Scientific writing careers

So you want to be a technical writer?

The mission of the document dynamics department is to refine the document development process so that each deliverable evolves dynamically throughout the project lifecycle. Technical writers work within project teams to help develop data analysis plans, final technical reports, and slide presentations.

Career paths in the scientific writing category include:

  • Technical Writer – Use your knowledge of the scientific process and your writing and editing skills to ensure that scientific and regulatory documents produced by Cognigen are accurate, complete, consistent, grammatically correct, and stylistically effective.
  • Quality Control Specialist – You’ll proofread and improve all documents that are sent to clients, including proposals, data analysis plans, final technical reports, and PERSPECTIVE Hypertext Data Analysis Maps.

+ Administrative careers

So you want to be an administrative assistant?

The job of administrative assistant is to efficiently aid in producing high-quality deliverables. We improve the deliverable preparation process by identifying inefficiencies, researching solutions, and assisting in refinements. We collaborate with other functional areas to identify and implement solutions to refine our document development process.

As an administrative assistant, you’ll create and assemble technical documents, presentation material, posters, as well as update scientific workflow documentation. You will build professional relationships with our clients’ administrative assistants, interacting with them to fulfill the administrative role on the project team. And finally, you will work with several commercially developed and Cognigen-developed software packages to determine how they can be used to improve our workflow processes.

Join our team to contribute to the professional presentation of scientific information used by our clients for drug development decision making. You will expand your knowledge and experience in commercially developed software packages and gain experience in building client relationships.

+ Project management careers

So you want a career in project management?

Project Management collaborates with the team members to ensure our projects stay profitable and successful. They work closely with the team leaders to facilitate communication regarding the timing of client deliverables and work scope changes. They also provide input on the development of proposal budgets, provide an overall analysis of projects to identify problems and potential solutions, and review information gathered from lessons learned sessions to identify and implement process improvements.

Career paths in the project management category include:

  • Project Planner – Build relationships with our internal project teams to manage timelines, identify problems, and review potential solutions with the team leaders, team members, and managers.
  • Project Manager – Build relationships with our internal project teams and our clients to discuss timelines and changes in project scope, establish project planning solutions that will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our project teams, and facilitate communication within and across projects and our clients.
  • Research Associate – Assist the project teams in managing complex timelines in order to fulfill our client obligations.

+ Management careers

So you want a career in management?

Management oversees the professional development of our employees to promote a team environment by providing motivation and support to facilitate overall organizational growth.

You will work with our employees and senior management to identify career opportunities, as well as to identify professional development goals and targeted training necessary to fulfill employees’ career aspirations. You’ll also identify appropriate training programs, participate in cross-functional committees, and assist in implementing organizational change strategies.

Join our team if you want to make an impact on someone’s professional career through managing their career development and ensuring Cognigen’s strategic goals are met.

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