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[NMusers] Unable to achieve Cmax

From: Anuja Dhas <>
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2017 05:47:45 +0000

Dear All,

I am a Beginner for NONMEM. I am having a dataset of oral BE study. The Dru=
g is BCS III and tmax is 0.5-2hrs. I have observed lag time and double peak=
; but I am not assure it is double peak or sampling error. I have used ALAG=
 in the control file to deal with lag time. The half of the subjects are fo=
llowing 1 compartmental absorption and the rest are following 2 compartment=
al absorption. So I separately modeling each compartment. Is it right metho=
d?? Should I use transit model?

The elimination phase is captured well; but I am unable to achieve Maximum =
Concentration. The CWRES vs. Time & CWRES vs.PRED plots clearly indicates b=
ias at high concentration.

Please suggest me some needful actions to deal with these problems.

Best Regards

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