From: "Mithat Gonen" <>

Subject: NONMEM error msg

Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 13:14:30 -0700


Hi everyone,

we have a NONMEM error msg- "tot no. of pred-defined recs in buffer 6 is less than no. of data recs with some individual". We have NONMEM running under Windows 2000 OP system.


Can someone please shade some light on what is causing this?






From: "Sam Liao" <>

Subject: Re: NONMEM error msg

Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 20:59:34 -0400


Dear Mithat:


The fix to this problem can be found on page 28 of the Installation guide,

section 2.9.4.


you can take the following steps to fix the buffer 6 problem:


1) edit the file "nsizes" in c:\nmv\nm folder, change LIM6=200 to LIM6=400

or higher depending on the max no of rec of each patient in your NONMEM data

2) recompile the DAT6.for subroutine; in a DOS prompt where you were

running the NONMEM job

and enter the command "df /c /optimize:1 /fpe:0 c:\nmv\nm\DAT6.for".

3) move the DAT6.obj file from the current dir to c:\nmv\nm

4) rebuild the binary library; enter the command "link /lib /out:nonmem.lib


5) move the nonmem.lib file from the current dir to c:\nmv\nm

6) run the NONMEM job again, increase more in LIM6 if the same problem



For similar problem in buffer 1-7 and 11, you can fix it the same way.


Best regards,


Sam Liao, Ph.D.

PharMax Research

270 Kerry Lane,

Blue Bell, PA 19422

phone: 215-6541151

efax: 1-720-2946783