From: alison@c255.ucsf.EDU (ABoeckmann)
Subject: nmsee for NONMEM V

Date: 10 Jun 1998 16:21:16 -0400

Several years ago I put nmsee, a FORTRAN post-processor program for NONMEM output, in the NONMEM repository. Nmsee extracts important lines from the NONMEM output. It can be instructed to ignore certain lines, to reformat them, and to precede them with identifying prefixes. It produces a summary of the output.

I've revised the nmsee program so that it can better process both NONMEM V and NONMEM IV outputs. It is now called nmsee5.

Its in the directory NMSEE.DIR, under NONMEM.DIR. The full address is /public/nonmem.dir/nmsee.dir

This is a reminder on how to access the repository:

World Wide Web at URL:

The repository was down for a while with system problems, but is now up again.

Please check the README file, readme.020. Let me know if you run into any difficulties.

- Alison Boeckmann