Subject:[NMusers] NONMEM crash?  
Date:Wed, January 23, 2002 8:11 am  

Title: NONMEM crash?
I have lately experienced some problem with my NONMEM installation. 

I have been running some rather complex NONMEM models at my work, when running theses models NONMEM simply crashes, 
blue screen/ fatal error etc. and the NONMEM DOS window is simply shut down. When I remove my laptop from the docinstation 
(and disconnect from the network), NONMEM can run the model without any problems. 

I have never seen this crash running more simpel models, the models that make 
NONMEM crash are build in ADVAN7 with covariates that make the PK parameters change with time
within the subjects. On my computer I have installed: 
Windows 98, Compaq visual Fortran version 6, and I run NONMEM through VNM. 

If you have experienced anything like this I would appreciate all suggestions on how to solve this problem. 

Br Henrik 

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Subject:Re: [NMusers] NONMEM crash?  
Date:Wed, January 23, 2002 9:38 am  


In your email, you mention that you've run other NONMEM models without the crash - may I presume
that you have done this *since* having the blue screen problems with ADVAN7? 


Subject:RE: [NMusers] NONMEM crash?  
Date:Wed, January 23, 2002 9:45 am  

Title: RE: [NMusers] NONMEM crash?
Hi Steven 
Yes, NONMEM can run simple models without problems (like the test data that comes with the installation). 
It seems like it only crashes when it is 'stressed' - but please note that it
only happens when my laptop is in the docking station connected to the
network at my work (I tested it on my colleagues laptop as well,
which is comparable to mine, NONMEM also crashed on that one).

Br Henrik 


From:"Bachman, William"   
Subject:RE: [NMusers] NONMEM crash?  
Date:Wed, January 23, 2002 9:52 am  

Title: RE: [NMusers] NONMEM crash?
Try running the models from the command line using nmfe5.bat to rule out any interaction with the Visual-NM interface.  


From:"Sam Liao"   
Subject:RE: [NMusers] NONMEM crash?  
Date:Wed, January 23, 2002 10:31 am  

Title: RE: [NMusers] NONMEM crash?
DOS in Windows 98 is not a stable operating system.   I recommend to try Windows 2000 or NT.  
DOS in Win2000 is much more stable and faster. 

Best regards,

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Subject:RE: [NMusers] NONMEM crash?  
Date:Wed, January 23, 2002 12:22 pm  

It seems to me that given the initial description of the difficulty, 
the problem is likely interface, hardware, or conceivably, a network issue.
Although DOS in Windows 98 may not be stable, it appears to have not given 
Henrik a problem with the other models, so I agree that the 
above issues should be checked first. 



From:"Bachman, William" 
Subject:RE: [NMusers] NONMEM crash?
Date:Wed, 23 Jan 2002 12:16 pm

While I agree with your assessment of Windows 98 (and preference for 2000),  
NONMEM has been run successfully on 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT & XP.
So rather thab just switching operating systems, it makes sense to
rule out interface (Visual-NM) and potential hardware
 issues (w./wo. docking station) first.


From:Nick Holford 
Subject:Re: [NMusers] NONMEM crash?
Date:Thu, 24 Jan 2002 1:22 pm

I agree with Bill that this is not likely to be simply due to the Win98 version of DOS. I have used
NONMEM from the DOS prompt interface extensively on Win98, Win2K and for a couple of months on
WinXP. I do not recall a blue screen of death being triggered by using NONMEM from the DOS prompt.

Win98 is more prone (than Win2K, WinXP) to problems arising from using system resources (memory,
number of tasks running, etc). Both VNM and network software will use system resources in addition
to those required by DOS (and the Fortran compiler and NONMEM).

Its not clear to me why using ADVAN7 and covariates for PK parameters would cause this kind of
crash. As I understand it the NONMEM executable uses very similar system resources irrespective of
model complexity. The compiler/linker may need more resources for more complex user defined code
and the NONMEM executable may be a bit bigger but the additional resources required to use VNM
(especially for the 'visual' windowing) when connected to the network would seem a more likely

Bottom line: Run the ADVAN7 from the DOS prompt and see what happens.


PS A new version (301) of Wings for NONMEM has been released. You may want to try this as an
alternative for running NONMEM from the DOS prompt. See