From Tue Jul 8 11:32:58 1997
Subject: converting to alpha


I am trying to recompile nonmem on our alpha machine and after linking nonmem and pred together and running a test case, I keep getting the following for my output:

%MTH-F-SQUROONEG, square root of negative value user PC 8055C890

%TRACE-F-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows

Image    Module    Routine     Line     rel PC    abs PC    
 Name     Name     Name    Number                       
                              0    8055C890   8055C890   
                              0    8055C92C   8055C92C   
                              0    804DBF84   804DBF84   
  NMD    BLKDAT     INITL    4336   00013478   00043478   
  NMD    BLKDAT    NONMEM    9347   00026FF4   00056FF4   
                              0    DBD2A170   DBD2A170  

We have switched from using VMS Vax V6.1 on a VAX 7000-640, Dec Fortran V6.2-108 to using VMS Alpha V6.2 AlphaServer 8400 Model 5/300, Digital Fortran 77 v7.1-107. I change the BLKDAT.FOR to use Intel constants instead of Vax. Is there anything else I need to do? I know very little about fortran, so that doesn't help my situation. Any suggests would be greatly appreciated.


Jayme James


From alison Tue Jul 8 11:44:02 1997
Subject: Re: converting to alpha

I think the SQRT error is definitely due to the wrong constants in BLKDAT. Based on what other NONMEM users have reported, the DEC Alpha uses INTEL constants but the Vax Alpha - uses VAX constants.

Maybe what you have is a Vax Alpha rather than a Dec Alpha? This is a bit mysterious to me because I myself never deal with either.

At any rate, try the VAX constants in BLKDAT and let me know what happens.



From Tue Jul 8 11:57:40 1997
Subject: Re: converting to alpha

That was the problem. Thanks for quick response.