From: Youngjin Moon
Subject: [NMusers] covariance step aborted.
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 09:59:16 -0400

Dear NONMEM experts,

Hello, may I ask three questions..

1. I got NONMEM result without standard error of estimate. It 
showed 'covariance step aborted' message.. could you please let me 
know how can I get standard error of estimate?

2. I set upper bound as 8, and final estimate comes "8!". In this 
case, do I have to delete upper bound and set unlimited??

3. With another data, after 40 iteration, NONMEM is still running but 
stuck with this. What I have to do with this?.. 

NUMSIGDIG:  2.4    2.9     2.8      2.7 ..........

Thanks a lot!!

Best regards,


Youngjin Moon
544 Hochstetter Hall 
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 
University at Buffalo 
State University of New York 
Buffalo, NY 14260-1200