From: "Heinze, Karen" <>
Subject: installation of NONMEM on HP platform
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 11:23:32 -0400

Does anyone have experience successfully installing NONMEM on an HP system?

We run NONMEM on an HP10 using HP FORTRAN/9000 (fortran 77) and it appears that some features don't work quite right and some code that Alison has given me doesn't work for me the same way it works at UCSF. Alison suggested the differences may have something to do with the installation, particularly

the optimization used. We tried to do a compile w/o optimization and at the

start of the 2nd subprogram (in a series of simulations & estimations) I get

the message "SUBROUTINE GETETA NOT INITIALIZED", so perhaps compilation w/o

optimization isn't the ticket either.

Any guidance/tricks to installing NONMEM on an HP would be appreciated.

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