From: (Martin Braeuchler)

Subject: Nonmem and Fortran under Windows NT

Date: 15 Sep 1998 20:12:23 -0400

Hello Nonmem users,

we plan to migrate our Nonmem IV installation under DOS/Windows 3.1 to Nonmem V under Windows NT 4.0. Currently, we are using MS Fortran Power Station V1.0a.

Calling FL32 from within a DOS box under Windows NT shows the following error message:

FL32.EXE entry point not found

The procedure entry point "RtlExAllocateHeap" could not be found in Dynamic Link Library "ntdll.dll".

My questions are:

- Is it possible to use MS Fortran Power Station V1.0a also under NT and which configuration settings have to be adjusted?

- Alternatively, which fortran compiler is recommended for use with Nonmem V under Windows NT?

Any hints are very much appreciated.


Dr. Martin Braeuchler

Gruenenthal GmbH



From: Nick Holford <>

Subject: Re: Nonmem and Fortran under Windows NT

Date: 15 Sep 1998 21:23:34 -0400

I am happily using Watcom f77/32 under Windows NT 4.0. It runs nicely in a DOS box. A dual pentium II machine is a nice way to run NONMEM in the background during the day while surfing the net and reading email etc <grin> and at

night another NONMEM job can be run in parallel.


Nick Holford, L226,Dept of Neurology,OHSU

3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road,Portland,OR 97201-3098,(503)494-4778,fax 494-7242


From: alison@c255.ucsf.EDU (ABoeckmann)

Subject: Re: Nonmem and Fortran under Windows NT

Date: 15 Sep 1998 21:34:30 -0400

I have looked at the packaging and manuals that came with my copy of MS Fortran Power Station V1.0a. It says nothing about NT, whereas the later MS Fortran Power Station V4.0 did say that it runs under NT. I think you are out of luck, and should get a new compiler for your NT system. MS Fortran Power Station V4.0 is no longer available - Microsoft gave up on it. They recommend, and many people (including the NONMEM Project Group) have obtained, the DIGITAL Visual Fortran compiler 5 from DEC. It runs under Win95 and WinNT and is a good compiler for NONMEM. (see

Nick Holford writes that he is happy with Watcom f77/32. I have no quarrel with this, but few users have Watcom (we don't) and I know of at least one user who found the install somewhat difficult. (It is not as easy as with Digital or PowerStation).

No one has ever shown us any benchmarking figures that compare performance (i.e., run times) on the same hardware with different compilers for a given NONMEM problem. It would be very interesting if someone would do this. One key issue: what is the highest level of optimization that can be requested safely (i.e., that produces code that runs correctly for a variety of models and methods?).