From: Xiao, Alan
Subject: [NMusers] materials/Slides for population (PK/PD) analysis education to statisticians  
Date: Fri, April 2, 2004 6:33 pm  


Could anyone share your good materials/slides for the purpose of educating
statisticians on population PK/PD analysis? Or is this population analysis
community tending to develop a standard package for this purpose? To some
extent, I feel that the major resistance in application of population
analysis to drug development is often from statisticians (- sorry to those
statisticians with outstanding experience in population analysis here, I'm
not trying to offend you). The materials should be very basic and
fundamental but tightly related to statistics. 

I'm not going to use these materials for any other purposes. If I decide to
use any of your slides, I'll get your approval first and put your name on
each slide. If the community does not have one (standard package) yet and is
enthusiastic to develop one, I could start it with all your help. 

I know I could develop some but if there is a better and more efficient way,
I would like to try it first.