From:  "Bachman, William" 
Subject: [NMusers] "Tip of the Week #6 - April 3, 2002" - Current contents of the NO NMEM Repository @
Date:  Wed, 3 Apr 2002 10:38:50 -0500

This week's tip is a reminder of what is currently available in the NONMEM
Repository @ GloboMax:

Welcome to the NONMEM Repository @ GloboMax LLC.
(Formerly hosted at the Palo Alto VA and Stanford University).

This repository does not contain the NONMEM program source code (except for
supplied routines, e.g. PRED routines, written by individual NONMEM users).
The NONMEM source code is copyrighted by the Regents of the University of 
of California.  Individuals desiring to license NONMEM program source code

The repository is organized by directories.  The current directories are
listed in the index below.  We encourage the repository to be used to share user-supplied
NONMEM codes, NONMEM data sets of interest, NM-TRAN control streams, frontend and backend
programs to the NONMEM system, and the like.  One might, for example, contribute NONMEM
files (except possibly proprietary data) used to implement a particular
application of interest e.g. an analysis of both the PK and PD data from a study of
brain-wave activity with the administration of thiopental. 
Please feel free to browse through the repository.  The repository is
We would very much appreciate your contributing files to the repository.  
Please forward your files to and we'll make them
available on the ftp server.  
Presence of any file on the ftp server does not imply endorsement of it's
use by GloboMax LLC.
Suitability of any file for use is determined by the individual user and is
the responsibility of the 
individual user.  

The NONMEM repository is maintained by GloboMax LLC and is independent of
the NONMEM Project 
Group.  In addition to new materials, the repository contains material
originally maintained 
by Steve Shafer and Jaap Mandema while at the Stanford University Department
of Anesthesia.  

Thank you for your interest in the NONMEM respository.  We hope you will use

this repository to share with others your work with NONMEM.


       NONMEM codes for a Markov model for drug compliance
       contributed by Pascal Girard, Lewis B Sheiner (,


       Simultaneous continuous and cateogorical modelling
       contributed by Nick Holford (

       Notes on Concentrations below the limits of detection

       The files in this directory comprise the disk labelled "NONMEM Help
Guide - DOS tools - May 1996"
       This disk is distributed along with NONMEM Guide VIII.

       This directory contains a single file,  This file is the
patch required in Microsoft 
       Fortran 5.1 to open more than 25 files simultaneously, as required

JWM:   This directory contains NONMEM control files for various applications
       1. Models for categorical data applied to analgesia data
       2. PRED routines for 3-compartment models with multiple drug
       contributed by Jaap W Mandema

       control stream for a two compartment model with parallel first order
elimination and Michaelis-
       Menten elimination.  For straight MM just remove the linear
       contributed by Bill Bachman ( )

       a VMS procedure (together with a couple of FORTRAN programs) that run
sequences of NONMEM jobs, 
       computes AIC and SBC criteria for model comparisons, creates one
output file for all the models.
       !!! It will work ONLY with VMS !!!
       contributed by Ekaterina Gibiansky

NMSEE: a post-processor program for NONMEM output. Nmsee extracts important
lines from the NONMEM output.
       It can be instructed to ignore certain lines, to reformat them, and
to precede them with identifying 
       prefixes. It has been revised for NONMEM V.
       contributed by Alison Boeckmann

NMVCL: A PRED for 1,2, and 3 compartment mammillary pharmacokinetic models
in terms of volumes and clearance.  
       Covariates are entered into the model by use of an external table
that relates thetas and covariates 
       to the individual volume and clearance terms.  
       contributed by Steve Shafer

       Meant to contain control files for non-contiuous type data such as
counts, proportions, time-to-event,
       categorical. Currently contains control files for time-to-event and
(binary) categorical. 
       contributed by Lewis Sheiner (

TIPS:  NONMEM Tips of the Week
       contributed by GloboMax LLC (

       NONMEM output files obtained using:
       1. NONMEM V Level 1.1
       2. Compaq Visual Fortran Optimizing Compiler Version 6.6 (/optimize:1
       3. Dell Precision 420 Pentium III
       4. Windows NT 4.0 SP 6
       5. control3-control7 files from the NONMEM distribution
       contributed by

PKPD:  Various control streams that implement PK/PD modeling 
       (with tolerance).
       contributed by Lewis Sheiner (

       A summary of SGI R10000 processor capabilities and the recommended
compile options and buffer dimensions.
       contributed by Tom Elken

       OpenVMS command procedures for NONMEM IV
       contributed by Brian M. Sadler

If you have a "tip" or a better way to do things, by all means, feel free to
post them!  One of the reasons for doing this (other than good PR for
GloboMax), is to stimulate discussion.  We at GloboMax can learn from your
experience as well.
Do you have a "tip" you would like to share, but would prefer to remain
anonymous?  If so, you may forward it to us and your identity will be
withheld.  Distribution as a "Tip of the Week" will be at the discretion of
GloboMax LLC
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