From:"Ludden, Thomas" 
Subject:  [NMusers] Single Precision NONMEM
Date:Fri, 4 Apr 2003 17:29:30 -0500

Dear NONMEM Users:

Currently the NONMEM distribution media contains both single
precision and double precision versions.  Years ago, many computers
could only handle the single precision version, but with modern-day 
computers, this is no longer the case.  More recently,
the single precision version has been useful with Cray computers, whose
single precision word length is quite large.  In order to help us plan
for a future version of NONMEM, will those of you who use Cray-like
computers and (or for other reasons) find the single precision version 
useful, please respond to me (, letting me understand
your needs in this

Thank you,

Tom Ludden