Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 13:39:05 EST5EDT
Subject: Station Speed question

We are planning to buy a new work station that will be used to run NONMEM. We are concerned about the speed requirements to have reasonable run times.

Data that we will be having can run hundreds of subjects, average 10 data points each. We might be use NONMEM for interspecies scaling which might involve even more individuals and time points.

We have in mind now a Pentium III 500 MHz with 128 Megs of ram.

We are considering having something even faster (if reasonably necessary) like Pentium III Xeon 500 MHz with up to 1 Megabyte of cache and 256 megs of ram.

Do you think the the first choice is enough, or do you think the second will provide significant improvement over the first that justifies its price (2-3 times the first one)?

Thank you!

Eyas AbuRaddad
Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
University of Georgia