From Thu Apr 10 02:47:17 1997
Subject: Problem accessing VMS log files from NONMEM runs.


We have a problem with NONMEM occasionally 'looping' and wasting hours (sometimes days!) of CPU time.

Under UNIX, we understand that a 'tail' commmand will show the end of the run log file, but under OpenVMS the log file remains locked until the run has completed.

Does anyone know of a way to access the current log file of a VMS based NONMEM run??

Any assistance gratefully received.


Chris Arnold
OpenVMS System Support Consultant
Pfizer Central Research
Sandwich ENGLAND
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From Thu Apr 10 14:10:53 1997
Subject: Re: Problem accessing VMS log files from NONMEM runs.

How do you know that the iterations are not just extremely long and NONMEM is working correctly? I've had some NONMEM runs which took 24 - 48 hours on a VAX 9600 (where it had to numerically integrate a complex model).