From Mon Apr 17 15:50:26 1995
Subject: NONMEM Repository

Fellow NONMEM Users:

The NONMEM Repository / PKPD Server at the Palo Alto VA has been upgraded:

1) The problems with "host not found" have been tracked down and fixed. There should be no need to use the IP number any more. The name remains the cumbersome: but that is beyond my control (US Gov't issue).

2) I've added a WWW front-end to the server, so you can reach it via Mosaic/Netscape or any other Web browser. The server doesn't do much more than drop you into FTP mode, but it at least provides a starting point for more complete integration with the WWW when we find the time.

Please let me know how this works. Many of you have sent me messages on performance issues, and those have been very helpful in tracking down the problems with the system. Also, please contribute those models, programs, control streams, and sample data sets that you think others might find helpful.


Steve Shafer

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Date: 04/17/95, Time:15:51:31


From Wed Apr 19 06:31:25 1995
Subject: Repository

Dear Fellow NONMEM Users:

Some e-mail I have received suggests continued questions about logging into the Repository. When using NETSCAPE/MOSAIC or another WWW browser, the repository can be accessed with either of the following URLS:

Attempting to access the repository using:

does not work because it requires access to the root directory, which is not accessible for security reasons.

With this, I promise to stop cluttering your e-mail with Repository updates.

Steve Shafer


From Wed Apr 19 08:45:22 1995
Subject: Re: Repository

Hi NONMEM users

Some WWW browsers (especially earlier versions) didn't handle ftp very well. Using the Macintosh 1.1b3 version of Netscape I can get onto Steve's ftp site OK. You may want to upgrade to a newer version of WWW browser or use an ftp program (e.g. Fetch on the Mac).

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