From Mon Apr 21 06:53:40 1997
Subject: NM-win for windows 95

Dear Nonmem users,

I found articles as follows on NONMEM WWW and have an interest in NM-win for WINDOWS 95. So I tried to send e-mail him. However the e-mail can not delivery because of user unknown message.

Does anyone know him current address or information of NM-WIN for windows 95?

> Response from: Jonathan P Vielhaber ( - 11 Jan 1995
> For copies of NM-Win, please send a request to:
> Jon Vielhaber, Manager of Computer Resources
> Somerset Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
> 777 South Harbour Island Blvd., Suite 880
> Tampa, FL 33602

Takahiko Tanigawa
Clinical Pharmacology
Bayer Yakuhin,Ltd. Research Center Kyoto, Japan


From Mon Apr 21 09:50:14 1997
Subject: Address Update for NM-Win and Jon Vielhaber

As requested by Takahiko Tanigawa, the new address for NM-Win and myself is as follows:

Jon Vielhaber
Manager of Computer Resources
Somerset Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
P.O. Box 30706
Tampa, FL 33630-3706

The current shipping version works with NONMEM v2.x, MS Win 3.x, and MS FORTRAN 5.1.

A version for MS Win95 / WinNT and MS PowerStation 4.0 is currently being worked on.