From Mon Apr 28 12:33:27 1997
Subject: NONMEM and Linux

I was wondering if anyone has any experience in running NONMEM with the PC based unix operating system called Linux.


Bill Knebel


From Mon Apr 28 13:05:39 1997
Subject: Re: NONMEM and Linux

Dear Bill,

I have Yes. I'm running RedHat linux version 4 with the and use the GNU fortran compiler g77. If you want to have the installation details you can contact me directly.

Niclas Jonsson
Department of Pharmacy,
Uppsala university


From Tue Apr 29 08:04:02 1997
Subject: Re: NONMEM and Linux


I am using NONMEM on Linux. Linux is running on the machine based Pentimum(133MHz) and DEC Alpha 21164(300Mhz).

g77 and f2c+gcc are able to use as the compiler.


Koji Tanikawa
(Sorry, japanese!)