From: Paul Hutson <>
Subject: multitasking
Date: 4 Aug 1998 14:52:35 -0400

I am using a 133MHz Pentium with 64M RAM and NT4.0. Multitasking is reaaallly sllooow while NONMEM is a'crunchin. Should I add another 64 Meg of RAM or bit the bullet and get a Pentium II with dual processors. If so, how much RAM per processor?

Thanks. (How hard it is to be satisfied.. I can only imagine how long a 300 line data set would have taken 10 years ago.)

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From: Nick Holford <>
Subject: Re: RE: multitasking
Date: 4 Aug 1998 15:31:43 -0400

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998 12:30:30 -0400 "Sale, Mark" <> wrote:

> Change the priority of the run. (NT only) Hit
> ctrl-alt-delete and selct Task Manager. Frm the Process
> tab, find the nonmem.exe process. It will be the one using
> 99% of the CPU time. Right mouse button over the word
> nonmem.exe and select "Set Priority", then select low. This
> works on a run-by-run basis. If you want to set up a short
> cut to run the same run over and over you can set the
> prioroty there. Mark Sale

Thanks for this tip. I have looked hard for setting priority for NONMEM runs via a short cut but still cant find it. Where EXACTLY do you find this in the short cut properties. I start NONMEM with an MSDOS Command Prompt with the line:

%SystemRoot%\system32\cmd.exe /k c:\nm5\bin\nmauto.bat

nmauto.bat sets up my paths and environment stuff for me to run NONMEM in the DOS box.


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