From: "jiang zhigang"
Subject: [NMusers] Hi,dear all ,some new questions occur !
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 13:26:34 +0800

Dear all, I appreciate your warmhearted help!
Now,I have some new problems which are easy to you! Please help me !

When I read the NONMEM User Guide,I was puzzled by these matters:
1. In the book,there are many index plots. Now,I notice there are many characters(such as K,B,C,A,E,etc.)
and numbers(such as 2,3,6,9,etc.) appears in the index plots!
The approximate delineation as follow:    AMT  VS.    ID

.    5 K   *     *
.    3 B  .    3A      *
.    3  A            *
.    6CB          * * .    3  C           *
.    86C    *  *         *

In addition,I don't understand why there are some characters such as G,F,H in the Index plot
for weight(WT)?And,what's the meaning of them?

What's the meaning of 3 or 2 in the plot of DV VS. ID?

2.The guide said:"Many points lie along the line AMT=0,where one sees integers 5,3,3,6,etc,as one
proceeds along the ID axis,each integer indicating the corresponding number of points over-plotted
at that location."

My question is why there are so many overlap points in the index plot for AMT VS. ID?The picture'
x-axis is AMT and its y-axis is ID,and the dot is corresponding to x-coordinate(AMT) and its
y-coordinate(ID),so how does the points over-plotted ?

Thank you very much!

Best Regards


From: Mark Sale - Next Level Solutions
Subject: RE: [NMusers] Hi,dear all ,some new questions occur !
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 03:38:29 -0700

1.First, there are better plotting tools available than the built in
plots in NONMEM (which are set up for 135 column UNIX text output, and
upside down and backwards.  Try Xpose (if you have/use S or R), or NMGraphics
(, which is an Excel
macro.  Both are free. 
A "2" means that 2 points are essentially superimposed.  after you get
to 9 points superimposed, an "A" means that 10 points are essentially
superimposed, "B" means 11 points superimposed etc.

2.  Each point is one observation at that AMT/ID.  Obviously, the ID
repeat (many observations for each person). For an observation record,
the AMT = 0 - there was no dose for that record (it wasn't a dose, it
was an observation, therefore, NONMEM considers the dose to be 0).  

Mark Sale MD
Next Level Solutions, LLC