Subject: NONMEM Timeline

Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 06:31:17 -0700 (PDT)


NONMEM Timeline


1977 PROTO, the prototype computer program preceding NONMEM


1978 First data analysis results published using PROTO

(P. Ravenscroft et al, "Saliva lithium concentrations in the management

of lithium therapy", Archives of General Psychiatry, 35)


1979 NONMEM, exportable for IBM mainframe computer

first documented distribution to: Dr. Donald Stanski


1980 NONMEM announced in publication (SL Beal and LB Sheiner, "The

NONMEM System", The American Statistician, 34)


1981 First NONMEM Course in US


1982 First data analysis results using NONMEM

(S. Vozeh et al, "Population pharmacokinetic parametersa in patients

treated with oral mexiletine", Eur. J. Clin. Pharmacol, 23)


1984 NONMEM Version I, exportable for all computers

Software licensed by the University of California

1st distribution to: Dr. Tom Ludden


1985 NONMEM Version II, with first version of PREDPP


1985 First NONMEM Course outside US (Univ. of Uppsala)


1989 NONMEM Version III, with first version of NM-TRAN


1992 NONMEM Users Net established

Archiving of discussions undertaken by Dr. David Bourne


1992 NONMEM Version IV, with first appearance of conditional estimation



1994 NONMEM Repository established by Drs. Steve Shafer and Jaap Mandema


1997 NONMEM Archive formally maintained by Pharmaceutical Outcomes

Research (today known as Cognigen)


1998 NONMEM Version V, with first appearance of setup tools and Help Guide


1998 The acronym 'NONMEM' is US trademarked


2001 1000th distribution to:

Wan Gyoon Shin

Seoul National University, Korea


Other Data:


Earliest NONMEM Enthusiast (other than the developers):

Dr. Sidney Reigelman

University of California at San Francisco, US


Individual with most published NONMEM data analyses:

Dr. Mats Karlsson

University of Uppsala, Sweden


Number of published NONMEM data analyses at last tally: 322