From: Sam Liao
Subject: [NMusers] faster PC to run nmv
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 11:23:36 -0400

Dear nmv users:

I am looking for a faster workstation to run NONMEM.  If you have any 
performance/speed comparisons between any new workstations running NONMEM,
I would really appreciate to hear.

Best regards,

Sam Liao
Pharmax Research 


Subject: Re: [NMusers] faster PC to run nmv
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 12:14:59 -0400 

  NONMEM is virtually all double precision floating point calculations. 
While the buffers in NONMEM are set to be pretty small (extremely small by 
today standards), disc I/O is essentially a non issue, as modern operating 
systems will provide the buffering that makes disc I/O irrelevant.  That 
makes selecting a machine/CPU pretty easy compared to more modern 
applications with some of this new fangled stuff like pictures - sometimes 
even moving pictures.  AMD chips are really optimized for games/graphics, 
not number crunching.  (deeper instruction path for speculative execution 
for anyone interested).  Basically, NONMEM performance is very well 
correlated with floating point benchmarks, which can be found at:
- look for CFP2000 
Bottom line:

Dell Precision Workstation 3.8 Ghz Pentium 4. 

Mark Sale M.D.
Global Director, Research Modeling and Simulation