Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 18:46:52 +0200
From: José Javier Zarate <>
Subject: Re: NONMEM installation

I know this is an old question but there´s a trick to avoid modifying config.sys that can be helpful for anybody using NONMEM under Windows.

You create a direct access to MS-DOS (e g on the desktop), rename it to NONMEM (to avoid later mistakes), with the right button you get properties, then you get memory and there in conventional memory you change the value of initial environment from automatic to 1024. You can mark the option of protected memoy if you want more stability or leave it unmarked if you want higher speed. After all that you can call DOS from the direct access and perform the installation. This way you will not affect other DOS configurations you may want to have to run program under windows. This access can be utilised later to run NONMEM.

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ABoeckmann wrote:
> Dr. Nagaraja <> asks ...
> > I had installed NONMEM V on my computer (Windows 95) and it worked fine.
> > Now I had to reformat my harddrive and since there is no special
> > ''uninstall'' procedure is mentioned in the manuals, i deleted the nmv
> > directory before reformatting. Now I have Windows 98. However, I could
> > not install NONMEM in this attempt. Upon inserting Disk #1, it gives an
> > error message "Out of environment space" and then proceed upto Disk #3.
> The message "out of environment space" is discussed in NONMEM Users
> Guide III (Installation) Chapter VII Section You might
> want to familiarize yourself with this chapter and with the
> material in Chapter III in case any other difficulties arise. We
> give the following two suggestions in Guide III. These suggestions
> work with Win95. I don't know why they would not work with Win98.
> 1) Try adding this line to config.sys
> shell=c:\windows\ c:\windows /p/e:1024
> Reboot the system.
> A larger value than 1024 may be necessary, e.g., 2048.
> 2) Alternately, in Windows, make the change in the properties window
> for the MS-DOS icon, Memory tab, Initial Environment pull-down menu.
> Start a new MS-DOS window.
> > Here, it gives a message that "Compilation failed".
> Make sure that the compiler is in your path. Try typing at the MS-DOS
> prompt
> fl32
> If the response is "command not found" (or something like that) then
> the path is not set right. It may be necessary to type a command
> such as c:\f32env.bat in every new MS-DOS window.
> > However, in one
> > attempt, I succeeded to copy all of Disk #3 (no further prompt for
> > installing DOS tools, or HELP). In this attempt, when I gave the command
> > "NMFE5 CONTROL3 REPORT3.TXT", it said "Compilation error, Out of
> > environment space and check for possible error messages in fl32.txt. In
> > this file, I get the following message.
> ....
> The messages are consistent with 1) failure of the compilation of
> FSUBS.for 2) successful prior compilation of PRED, and 3)
> Unsuccessful prior compilation of NONMEM.
> > Is it that it cannot run in Windows 98 or any other problem with
> > Copyright (limited number of installation). The Fortran version is 4.
> > Installation was tried through SETUP.BAT. Please advise me regarding
> > this at the earliest.
> NONMEM can run under Win98. The licensing question is immaterial.
> You are having trouble with Microsoft Fortran PowerStation Version 4.00
> in this environment. Remove the c:\nmv directory and start all over
> again. Make sure the environment variable problem has been solved, and
> make sure that the compiler command (fl32) is in your path before using
> SETUP.BAT, and before every NONMEM run.
> Alison Boeckmann

JJ Zarate
Departamento de Farmacia y Tecnologia Farmaceutica