From: "Stephen Duffull"
Subject: [NMusers] Optimal study design software available now
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 09:42:15 +1200


We are pleased to announce the release of WinPOPT.  WinPOPT is new software
for optimizing designs for population PK and PKPD studies.  It is available
free and does not require the user to have MATLAB or SPLUS.  It can be
downloaded at: (POPT, a MATLAB dependent version, can also
be downloaded at this site).  WinPOPT can be used to optimize designs over
multiple drugs, multiple responses from a single drug, models defined by
ODEs, designs that are constrained (for example to have fixed sampling
times), for designs after the first or a steady state dose, for designs with
multiple study arms ... 

WinPOPT can be run across a network or on a standalone work station.  When
downloading the software please register at to ensure that
you receive the latest update information, tips, and for your enquiries. 

Good luck 

The WinPOPT Development Team 

Professor Stephen Duffull
Chair of Clinical Pharmacy
School of Pharmacy
University of Otago
PO Box 913 Dunedin
New Zealand
P: +64 3 479 5044
F: +64 3 479 7034

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