From:"Bachman, William" 
Subject: [NMusers] NONMEM Tips #13 - August 26, 2002 - New Windows and UNIX Releases of Xpose available
Date:Mon, 26 Aug 2002 14:18:16 -0400

New releases of Xpose (version 3.011) have been made available from the
University of Uppsala:
Xpose is an S-PLUS based model building aid for population analysis using
NONMEM. It facilitates data set checkout, exploration and visualization,
model diagnostics, candidate covariate identification and model comparison: 
* Data set checkout includes visualization of the observed variable(s),
covariates and plots to reveal errors in the data file. 
* Model diagnostic plots includes the usual residual plots but also plots to
check the validity of assumptions specific to non-linear mixed effects
* Data exploration is also done by various plots but also includes auxiliary
screening analyses such as stepwise generalized additive modeling (GAM) and
tree based modeling. 
* The stability of the GAM results with respect to covariate model selection
as well as the impact of influential individuals and certain types of
covariate interactions can be explored using a bootstrap re-sampling
* To facilitate documentation, Xpose can produce run summaries and run
records. The run records are one page summaries of a run consisting of a
combination of goodness of fit plots, parameter estimates and the model
file. Run records are tabulated summaries of many runs consisting of user
comments, termination messages and objective function values. 

Changes in latest Xpose 3 versions:
Xpose 3.010 -> Xpose 3.011
* Fixed the "quit-problem".

Xpose 3.009 -> Xpose 3.010
* All PRED vs DV plots are changed to DV vs PRED, which is actually the
right way of drawing these graphs!      
* Run records can now be exported as HTML-tables that can be directly
imported into MS Word.  
* Changed the contents of the distribution a bit.
* Minor bugfixes. Put back one of the functions that creates a time after
dose data item (it disappeared between 3.008 and 3.009).
E. N. Jonsson and M. O. Karlsson - "Xpose - an S-PLUS based population
pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic model building aid for NONMEM", Comp Meth
Prog Biomed 58 (1999), pp: 51-64.

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