From: Roberto Gomeni <>
Subject: Visual-NM
Date: 27 Aug 1997 13:15:13 -0400

The new version 2.2 of Visual-NM, the graphical front-end to the NONMEM population data analysis software for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT, is now available and can be downloaded from the website: WWW.BESTFIT.LU.

This version includes the full support of the DIGITAL VISUAL FORTRAN 5.0 compiler together with the support of the Microsoft FORTRAN compilers: MS-5.1, MS-Powerstation 1.0 and MS-Powerstation 4.0. The NONMEM-Installer module, one of the tools supplied with Visual-NM, allows to easily configure and install NONMEM from the distribution disks.

For additional details regarding Visual-NM, you can visit: WWW.BESTFIT.LU.

Roberto Gomeni
Bestfit, Luxembourg