From Thu Dec 7 12:30:40 1995
Subject: nonmem on Digital UNIX/alpha

I'm trying to install nonmem on our DEC alpha running Digital UNIX. I've tried various compiler options but every run I try generates "floating invalid" and minimization is never successful. I'd like to hear from others who have successfully run nonmem on the alpha.

I'm using:

Nonmem IV level 2.1 (I think. It may be higher)
Digital UNIX V3.2
DEC Fortran 3.8 (Run time library is version 3.6).

- Brian


From Fri Dec 8 21:35:09 1995
Subject: Re: nonmem on Digital UNIX/alpha

I figured it out. It was a byte order problem. The alpha does IEEE floating point (like SUN), but is also a little endian machine (like intel).

Thanks to Alison and everyone who responded!

- Brian