From: "Brian M. Sadler"
Subject: [NMusers] Looking for faster CPU
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 10:45:43 -0500

Dear All,

I am currently running NONMEM on a Pentium 4 (3.2GHz) with 1GB RAM using
Visual Fortran v6.6 and encountering 4-8h run times with ADVAN6/FOCE. Can
any of you provide me with benchmark statistics for the new 64bit Xenon or
AMD chipsets? I would consider spending 6-10K on a new workstation if I was
assured of improved throughput. Comments on the relative advantages of XP
versus Linux are welcome.

Cheers... Brian

Brian M. Sadler
Strategic PK Consulting, LLC
+1 (919) 523-5485

From: Darin Perusich
Subject: Re: [NMusers] Looking for faster CPU
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 11:34:01 -0500

a 64-byte machine will by you nothing for nonmem, you should stick with 32-byte
machines. generally speaking application run times on 32-byte machines tend to
be faster then on equiltant 64-byte systems. the big advantage on the 64-byte
archicture is when you have huge memory reguirements, like oracle databases.

you could take the 6-10k and buy 5 or 6 servers, then you can run 5 or 6 jobs
at the same time. i would think that you'd get more benefit from that then
getting a single machine. my 2 cents.

Darin Perusich
Unix Systems Administrator
Cognigen Corp. 

Subject: Re: [NMusers] Looking for faster CPU
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 12:24:46 -0500


Is that with a 32 bit compiler, or the new 64 bit compiler?  I haven't run it, but seems
to me that 64 bit compiler should work better with NONMEM, since the DOUBLE PRECISION
numbers (which is most of NONMEM) are 64 bit, so only one clock tick to get a value. 
But you're right, if you're running 32 bit code on a 64 bit machine, you don't gain
anything (and can even lose a little).

Mark Sale M.D.
Global Director, Research Modeling and Simulation