From: Stephen Duffull
Subject: [NMusers] Optimal Design Software
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 07:07:58 +1000

The current release of POPT (ver 3; Release 20th Dec 2005) software and user
and installation documentation for the evaluation and optimization of
population PK and PKPD studies can be downloaded now from...

POPT constitutes a set of programs written for MATLAB that can be used for
optimization of nonlinear mixed effects models.  POPT has been specifically
written with population PKPD models in mind.  Features of POPT include:
. Optimization for multiple response models (e.g. PK and PD data)
. Optimization for models defined as ODEs
. Optimization for multiple models (e.g. for 2 or more drugs simultaneously)
. Optimization including some fixed sampling times,  multiple study arms,
for constrained clinic visit times, for lockout between consecutive samples,
sampling windows, adding prior information.

This release supersedes previous releases (with hopefully fewer bugs).

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