Subject: Verbatim Code
Date: 3 Feb 1998 14:27:43 -0500

Fellow NONMEMer's -

Rather than include variables to account for conmed use, gender, formulation, fasted or fed, etc., etc., etc. in a NONMEM data file, I had tried coding in the $PK block. However, NMTRAN gave me an error that pointed to DIMCNS being too small (this was not changed from the default of 50 when I compiled NMTRAN and NONMEM). Rather than changing source code and recompiling, it appears that I can accomplish what I want to do using verbatim code, but I could not find a specific example. In any event, I gave the following code a try and it seemed to work. Did I code correctly? Even though this code seemed straight-forward, I'm just a bit concerned about the warning in the guide that says "verbatim code should only be used by those who understand well how generated subroutines are structured".


John Sabo
Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

;Effect of conmed on CL
;0 =3D - conmed
;1 =3D + conmed
" IF(PTNO.EQ.100) CONM=3D1
" IF(PTNO.EQ.101) CONM=3D1
" IF(PTNO.EQ.102) CONM=3D1
" IF(PTNO.EQ.103) CONM=3D1
" IF(PTNO.EQ.104) CONM=3D1
" IF(PTNO.EQ.195) CONM=3D1
" IF(PTNO.EQ.196) CONM=3D1
" IF(PTNO.EQ.197) CONM=3D1
" IF(PTNO.EQ.198) CONM=3D1
" IF(PTNO.EQ.199) CONM=3D1
TVCL =3D THETA(2) * (1 + THETA(3) * CONM) =20