From: Paul Hutson -
Subject: [NMusers] Simulation (patient) number
Date: 1/2/2004 12:46 AM

Happy New Year to all.
I am performing some simultaneous simulations of concentration and
effect for some PD modeling exercises.  Can anyone offer some code to
provide in the output table of the simulations the Patient ID numbers
for the 100 hypothetical patients generated by the simulation run?

As always, if this question proves stupid and/or the answer is trivial,
this question was sent by the janitor using my office computer while
I am in home in bed.


From: "Gastonguay, Marc" -
Subject: RE: [NMusers] Simulation (patient) number
Date: 1/2/2004 8:19 AM

I assume that your simulation input data set is a template for dosing &
sampling records for one individual only. You are then using SUBPROBLEMS=100
on $SIM to generate 100 replicates (individuals).

You can insert the following code somewhere in $PRED or $ERROR (if using
PREDPP), where SID is a user-defined variable for subject ID:


Then include SID on $TABLE. IREP is a variable that keeps track of the
subproblem number starting at 1 to the total number of subproblems. Thus,
SID will range from 1 to 100, with a different value for each simulation
replicate of the input data set.

Hope this helps.


From: Paul Hutson -
Subject: RE: [NMusers] Simulation (patient) number
Date: 1/2/2004 10:23 AM

Your assumption is correct, and your solution elegant and parsimonious.  Thanks very much.