From: William Bachman
Subject: "Tip of the Week #1"
Date: January 10, 2002

We at GloboMax would like to offer the nmusers group a new feature called
"Tip of the Week" in which we present a piece of information that we have found 
useful or interesting from our experiences with NONMEM.  However, at the same time, 
we also don't want to burden the group with unwanted email.  We would like your 
feedback as to whether or not you would like to receive these items.  
Please write us back with your opinions.  If the preponderance of replies are opposed, 
we will discontinue this feature.  If there are large numbers in both "camps", 
we may initiate a separate "Tip" distribution list.

Tip of the Week #1 - January 4, 2002

We have found it useful to "pre-pend" the control stream to the output file and 
also add the run start time and end time to this file by modifying the default run
scripts, nmfe5.bat (for DOS) or nmfe5 (for Linux/UNIX).

DOS modifications to nmfe5.bat for Windows 2000 and
Windows NT (for Windows 95, do not use the date and time lines):

1. original beginning of nmfe5.bat script:
@echo off

modified beginning of nmfe5.bat script:
@echo off
echo Start Time: >%2
date /t >>%2
time /t >>%2

2. original nmfe5.bat script segment starting with:

copy output %2

modified nmfe5.bat script segement starting with:

copy %2 +%1 +output %2
echo Stop Time: >>%2
date /t >>%2
time /t >>%2

UNIX and Linux script modification:

original end of nmfe5 script:

echo Starting nonmem execution ...
./nonmem < FCON > $2

new end of nmfe script:

echo Starting nonmem execution ...
date >$2
cat $1 >>$2
echo " " >>$2
echo " " >>$2
./nonmem < FCON >> $2
date >>$2
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