From:"Bachman, William" 
Subject:[NMusers] NONMEM Tips #14 - January 24, 2003 - A new setup file for installing NONMEM V with Intel Fortran 7.0 for Windows
Date:Fri, 24 Jan 2003 15:28:16 -0500

A new setup file, setup3.bat, for installing NONMEM V with Intel Fortran 7.0
for Windows has been created.
"setup3.bat" can be downloaded from the GloboMax ftp site at:

The file is used in the same manner as the original "setup.bat" file.
Arguments must be specified from the DOS command prompt, e.g.:

setup3 a c nmv ifl y

a is the diskette drive
c is the hard drive
nmv is the install directory
ifl is the compiler command (for Intel Fortran)
y is yes for optimization

(setup3.bat can also be used with Compaq/Digital, GNU G77, or MS
Powerstation 4.0, by substituting df, g77 or fl32 for ifl in the above
command line).

The critical changes to the file related to compiler optimizations:

/nologo     - avoids an overwhelming number of version messages 
/nbs        - "no backslash", prevents "\" from being interpreted as as
escape sequence
/w          - avoids numerous F95 warnings
/4Yportlib  - required for modification to flu.for for buffer flushing
/Gs         - disables stack checking
/Ob1gyti    - related to inlining of functions
/Qprec_div  - disables floating point division-to-multiplication
optimization resulting in more accurate division results 

The NONMEM files that must be modified during setup are:

1. BLKDAT.FOR: change "con" to "CONOUT$"

    J = COMMITQQ(I)"
comment out the UNIT 34 line, e.g.
"C          OPEN (UN(34),FILE=FNULL(1:I-1))"

1. Email from: Nick Holford []
Sent: Sunday, December 01, 2002 6:07 AM
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Acknowledgement:  Kudos to Nick Holford for information shared with nmusers!

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see Nick Holfords email on Intel 7.0 for windows