Subject: Request for Advice re NONMEM UNIX Configuration
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 16:30:50 -0000

Dear All,

I am an IT Project Manager working at Pfizer with key NONMEM users Peter Milligan and Scott Marshall, who you may already know. We are starting to seriously consider moving our NONMEM environment from a large Alpha server environment to a large UNIX server environment. I would much appreciate your advice on recommended UNIX configurations for the NONMEM product (particularly if you have already have a large UNIX configuration!).

Information on our requirements:
* We currently use a large portion of two Alphaserver 8400's (model 5/300) to support our NONMEM work, i.e. it is a large, networked environment.
* We have up to five concurrent NONMEM users and up to around six concurrent NONMEM jobs running at any one time, the largest of which can take several days to complete.
* Since the NONMEM Project Group uses Sun workstations and Sun Fortran and we already have in-house experience with Sun, we are particularly interested in hearing of recommendations on Sun configurations.
* The server is currently expected to be used only for NONMEM use.

Many thanks for your assistance on the above.

Kind regards, Alison Hunt.