From: Daniel Corrado <>
Subject: [NMusers] Bootstrapping
Date:7/8/2003 11:55 AM

For model validation, one of the methods that has been
suggested is boot-strapping and getting estimates of
the boot-strapped data. I know how to  bootstrap my
data using SAS to get different datasets (500). How do
I run all the datasets together to obtain parameter
estimates in NonMem? It is practically impossibel to
run the datasets individually to get the estimates

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




From: Sunny Chapel <>
Subject: RE: [NMusers] Bootstrapping
Date: 7/8/2003 12:26 PM

What I do for nonparametric bootstrapping using nonmem is to use perl
scripts. You can make a master dataset containg 500 trials and extract one at
a time. Then run nonmem and collect the estimates in a separate file. It has
been working great!

Sunny Chapel, Ph.D.
Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Tel) 908)231-4375

From: Yaning Wang <>
Subject:  RE: [NMusers] Bootstrapping
Date: 7/8/2003 5:44 PM

Use WINGS for NONMEM (free download from the internet, developed by Dr. Nick Holford. You don't have
to generate boot-strapped datasets(500) by SAS. WINGS can bootstrap your
data, estimate the parameters with NONMEM and combine the results (500 sets
of parameter estimates) in one single file. It is really convenient!

Yaning Wang
Department of Pharmaceutics
College of Pharmacy
University of Florida