From: "Paul Hutson" <>
Subject: testing nmV / build2.bat file
Date: 10 Jul 1998 11:19:04 -0400

This may be old news to everyone but me, but I thought I'd post it in case it proved useful to novices like me...I am using a Pentium 133MHz machine running NT 4.0 and Digital Visual Basic.

I had difficulty getting the build2.bat file to create an executable file (pk1.exe) when testing the PREDPP as suggested on page 47 of Part III of the USERS GUIDE. I revised the batch file as indicated below, and it worked well. In brief, I removed the compile only switch (" /c"), changed two path variables from %n% to %ndir%, and for elegance added the "/exe:nonmem.exe" to rename pk1.exe to nonmem.exe on the same line.

set ndir=c:\nmv\nm
set n=%ndir%\nonmem.obj %ndir%\blkdat.obj %ndir%\nonmem.lib
df /optimize:1 /fpe:0 pk1.for error1.for @build2.lnk %n% /exe:nonmem.exe

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From: alison@c255.ucsf.EDU (ABoeckmann)
Subject: Re: testing nmV

Date: 10 Jul 1998 14:28:20 -0400

Thanks, Paul, for finding these mistakes in Guide III. The PowerStation example in the same box on page 47 also contains an incorrect %n% (instead of %ndir%) twice on the second line.

Most people use the shortcut SETUP.BAT to install NONMEM, as described in Appendix 5, rather than installing and testing in a step by step manner, and will never run into these documentation mistakes.

Note that "/exe:nonmem.exe" is the Digital version of the Powerstation option "/Fenonmem.exe". The Digital compiler recognizes both. In NMFE5.BAT, on the diskettes, we use the option "/Fenonmem.exe" because it works for both Powerstation and Digital compilers.

-- Alison Boeckmann