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Subject: which fortran compiler to choose (fwd)
Date: 13 Jul 1997 22:27:03 -0400

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Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 15:59:48 +0800 (CST)
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Subject: which fortran compiler to choose (fwd)

To some one who can help,

I am a very beginner of nonmem program, and had failed in compile nonmem by fortran 5.x. I do not know whether to choose digital visual fortran or fortran power station 4.0 as a compiler. The fortran powerstation 4.0 has 3 products listed below. I do not know which one to choose, or all are required.

Porduct code Product Description req. qty price
116871=09 MS FORTRAN PWRSTN AE V4.0=09=091 349.99=09=09
119477=09 MS FORTRAN PWRSTN 4.0-CD=09=091 699.99
112889=09 MS FORTRAM PS V4.0 (32BIT=09=091=09969.99

It will be highly appreciated if any one can give me any suggestion.