From: 	Justin Wilkins
Subject: [NMusers] Release of NONMEMory  	
Date: 	Fri, 22 Jul 2005 11:30:54 +0200

Dear all,

This is the first formal announcement of the general availability of 
NONMEMory, a freeware run management tool for NONMEM.

NONMEMory has been designed to be a NONMEM project manager, providing 
detailed summary, comparison and overview of the runs comprising a 
project. It provides for an organized display of output data, limited 
post-run processing, and rapid diagnostic plots at the population and 
individual level. Basically the idea is that you shouldn't spend hours 
transcribing results of NONMEM runs into a notebook or Excel - that's a 
waste of time.

The program was written for Windows 98 or better, and may be found at

and is completely free of charge, with the usual provisos (use at your 
own risk and so forth). It does not require a local NONMEM installation, 
since it relies on output files only and does not actually execute 
NONMEM runs, and can cope with such files in both Windows and UNIX file 
formats. NONMEM output is treated as read-only data by the software, and 
no changes are ever made.

It is in a continuous state of development and is still considered by me 
to be in beta, so there will undoubtably be bugs - if you choose to try 
NONMEMory, and find any, please report them to me! Everyone's NONMEM 
environment is different, and there are bound to be teething troubles. 
That said, it's been in testing for 18 months now, at two different 
sites, and seems to perform relatively well.

Also, please send me suggestions and comments. The only way that 
NONMEMory can improve - and the only way it can serve your needs more 
efficiently - is through feedback to the developer, i.e. me.

Future plans include direct control over NONMEM, reports, and 
integration or cooperation with PsN (, R 
(, Xpose ( and 
Wings for NONMEM (, to mention but a few. 
The source code will be released at some point in the future, when 
components of the code with licenses that are inconsistent with the GNU 
definition of free software have been expunged.

I should mention that NONMEMory is not currently compliant with GCP or 
ICH guidelines for data management, but may become so in the future.

NONMEMory is described here:

Wilkins JJ. NONMEMory: a run management tool for NONMEM. Comput Methods
Programs Biomed. 2005 Jun;78(3):259-67

Please let me know what you think! A discussion list will be set up soon.
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