From: Nick Holford <>
Subject: help with ALPHA compiler please
Date: 23 Jul 1998 16:27:50 -0400

(message from Jonathan Ferguson)


I'm working under Nick Holford at the University of Auckland porting NONMEM to various platforms, I have already successful ported NONMEM to Linux (gcc v 0.5.21 ) and Irix 4D (f77 version 5.3 ). I am currently porting to the Dec Alpha and I am having some problems, I'm using Digital Fortran v5.0 running on Digital Unix V4.0D.

I repeatedly get the following two warnings compiling the NONMEM source:

fort: Info: ../src/NP.f, line 144: Character or Hollerith constant continued across lines; may be non-portable

fort: Info: ../src/OFILES.f, line 40: Default STATUS= 'UNKNOWN' used in OPEN statement

More importantly the data specific executable created crashes given the following error:

forrtl: error (65): floating invalid

If you can help could you also include :

a) What compiler and compiler options you were using.

b) If you only had to use compiler options to correct the problems or if you had to alter the code base as well.

Thank you

Jonathan Ferguson.

Below is the version information of the compiler

decfort DIGITAL Fortran 77 V5.0-138
-3678F "DIGITAL Fortran 77 V5.0-138"


Nick Holford, Dept Neurology, L226
OHSU,3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd,Portland,OR 97201,USA tel:+1 (503) 494-7228 fax:494-7242