From: Jiun-Li Jang <>

Subject: Error message 72

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 22:59:29 -0400


Dear all,


I am a new NM user, I started my first NM study recently and encountered

a problem (floating error-overflow; Error message 72). I need your help

to direct me how to resolve this problem. I have tried to change omega

and sigma values, comma out the ALAG1 and ETA3. I have also tried to

change the boundary conditions (enlarged or decreased). The error

message was always shown, then the program was stopped. Very few times

I could get the table in the directory but not output file if I was not

kicked out in the begining. I realized that the number of subjects may

not be enough to conduct population PK analysis, it was just a try, if

the model works, then I'll add more subjects. Please find the attached

control file and data file, I thank you in advance for taking your time

and effort to teach me.






From: "Piotrovskij, Vladimir [JanBe]" <>

Subject: RE: Error message 72

Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 10:11:40 +0200




I think you have a typo in your control stream. ALAG1 should be as follows:




After correction, convergence is achieved (see the output attached).



Best regards,





Vladimir Piotrovsky, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Global Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Pharmacology (ext. 5463)

Janssen Research Foundation

B-2340 Beerse