From Mon Jun 5 10:03:27 1995
Subject: NONMEM on the PowerMac

After running a test file a week or so back I noticed/remembered that I had been using source files that had been `converted' for the VAX and then 'converted' back for the PowerMac. [I ran into a small problem with an OPEN statement when I ran the test file.] With the fresh files from a new licence in hand I redid the install on the PowerMac this weekend. This involved some changes to the `cheat sheet' that I had prepared earlier. The new archive is available via:

Below are the benchmark results I obtained with a PowerMac 8100/80

NONMEM User's Guide Part III (Nov 92) Page 3. Using the NONMEM20-25 files.

PowerMac 8100/80 (INITs off). Absoft Compiler version 4.1

    nn     Time (sec)   File Size          Memory        
                          for      Allocation set by    
                         NONMEM      compiler/linker   
22 PRED        11         596K            1216K        
23 ADVAN2      15         577K            1628K        
24 ADVAN7      99         595K            1666K        
25 ADVAN6      154        584K     1645K  :-)          

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