From:"Niclas Jonsson" 
Subject: [NMusers] Xpose has moved
Date:Tue, 10 Jun 2003 16:10:46 +0200

Dear all,


Xpose has moved to!! This means that: 

1)       Xpose has a new homepage (

2)       all future versions, including the just released version 3.1, will be distributed from the above address.

3)       Xpose is now released under a different license (with basically the same meaning as the old one), offers a number of services that are useful for open source development projects (for example
discussion forums, bug reporting/tracking mechanisms). It is my hope that this will prove beneficial
for future Xpose development.


These are the release notes for Xpose 3.102:



This is a maintenence release for Xpose 3.102.


Xpose 3.1 adds major functionality compared to version 3.0.


 - Goodness of fit plots for ordered categorical data.

 - The user have much better control over how Xpose draws graphs.

 - Summaries of covariates, parameter etc can now be exported as html-tables 

   and can be inserted directly into (e.g.) MS Word.

 - Xpose 3.1 is distributed in binary as well as in source form making

   the installation much easier.

 - Updated documentation (work in progress).




Best regards,